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Beyond capitalism? 
Toward economic self-determination of communities 
April 9-10th 2016
Tio’tia:ke | Montreal, Concordia University

It’s not too late!

The deadline has come and gone and we have amazing folks lined up from across the territories today referred to as Québec.

We are still searching for folks to present what is going on in the following regions: Bas St-Laurent, Centre du Québec, Chaudière Appalaches, Lanaudière, Laval, Nord du Québec, Outaouais, Québec.

If you are from one of these regions, are involved in a cooperative, collective garden, a self-managed work environment, a bike workshop, an ecovillage, a community land trust, a community radio or any other alternative economic initiative for a post-capitalist world, submit your proposal now!

Participation Criteria

You are engaged in a local project that has an economic component and you have a good understanding of the other initiatives of this type in your region;

The core of the project, or projects, includes one or more of the following elements:

  • Practices of economic self-determination, such as the challenging of the traditional relationship of employer and employee in favour of a horizontal structure;

  • A preoccupation with the distribution and collective management of the project’s benefits;

  • Experimentation with emancipatory relationships between individuals and/or nature in its economic output;

  • The intention to reduce the distance between producers and consumers in the transactions performed;

  • A preoccupation for the expansion of the commons (that is to say properties, knowledge, and practices shared by a community), whether they be material, cultural, social, etc.

  • An interest in the emergence of post-capitalist futures

How the event will unfold for those chosen to present

The first day of the event is the public conference at which people involved in these types of economic initiatives, coming in from different regions, will present a portrait of what is going on in their neck of the woods, formal and informal networks that exist amongst different economic initiatives, best practices and challenges. During this day, (pro)feminist activist scholars from the Community Economies Collective will present their project and intervene throughout in order to help us figure out how our actions are contributing to the building of post-capitalist presents and futures.

On the second day, those who presented at the public conference will get the opportunity to network and to continue the conversation during a full-day participatory workshop. Participants will be invited to delve deeper into best practices and challenges using the tools from Take Back the Economy. The workshop will be facilitated by Katherine Gibson and Ethan Miller of the Community Economies Collective (CEC), with the support of Anna Kruzynski and Rachel Sarrasin from the Interdisciplinary Research Collective on Dissent (CRIC). We hope that by the end of the series of events, participants will have acquired both conceptual and practical tools needed to consolidate their projects, and to better understand how their economic activities are contributing to the construction of post-capitalist presents and futures. We also hope to have a better understanding of research and training needs, information that will be used by Anna Kruzynski and Rachel Sarrasin to develop a participatory action-research project on community economies in the making.

Submitting your proposal

Tell us about your experience in the field, what is going on in your region and issues you would like to address in your talk by filling out this form.  We have already begun working with people from selected initiatives to prepare the event. Send us your proposal right away to be part of the team! We encourage people from Indigenous communities to submit their proposal.

We will be assisting selected folks in the preparation of their presentation. You can present in either French or English, as simultaneous translation will be provided. All transportation, lodging, living expenses, and childcare care costs will be covered.

We’re eager to meet you and to discover your passion for social change!

Do not hesitate to circulate this call for participants within your networks!

Cet événement est organisé par le Collectif interdisciplinaire sur la contestation (CRIC)

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