Conference 2016

Beyond capitalism?
Toward economic self-determination of communities

Saturday April 9th, 2016
Tio’tia:ke | Montreal, Concordia University

Thank -you for your participation!

You can watch the conference here

Don’t miss this amazing gathering of (pro)feminist activist scholars, people active in alternative economic initiatives and folks who believe that a post-capitalist world is possible


A full-day, free conference, open to all who believe a post-capitalist world is possible. We will be showcasing:  

(1) the Community Economies project, which seeks to contribute to the emergence of a political economy that is focused on practices of economic self-determination, on the idea that “another world is possible”, and that is dedicated to post-capitalist futures;

(2) economic initiatives from across the territories of Turtle Island today referred to as Quebec. These initiatives have in common their foundation on radical critiques of the values and operation of the capitalist economy. They have as their objective the creation of new types of relationships—economic, social, and political—and share a special focus on the values and ethics that underlie our interdependence with each other and with nature;

(3) the community economy at Concordia University and beyond that will be producing the event: from the student-run food groups, to the childcare collective, to the alternative media.


To figure out how our alternative economic initiatives contribute to post-capitalist presents and futures. To share knowledge and skills. To get to know each other and consolidate our networks. To feed a participatory action-research project of community economies in the making.


Activist scholars:
Katherine Gibson 
and Ethan Miller from the Community Economies Collective, activist-scholars working with the ideas put forth by J.K. Gibson-Graham.
Anna Kruzynski
 and Rachel Sarrasin from the Interdisciplinary Research Collective on Dissent [Collectif de recherche interdisciplinaire sur la contestation (CRIC)].

People involved in economic initiatives:
Consult our program and the communities economies map to know more about them!

And all other folks who believe that a post-capitalist world is possible!


Tio’tia:ke | Montreal,
Concordia University, auditorium H-110

1455 de Maisonneuve W., Guy-Concordia metro station

⌈Event accessibility

  • Wheelchair accessible
  • French-English simultaneous translation
  • Free childcare – with advance registration